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Grief And Bereavement

“Discover useful tools on how to live with grief, while discovering a new world and a new identity.”

Inland Valley Hospice Care

Grief and Bereavement

Our bereavement counselors are professionally trained and experienced in guiding individuals through the grieving process. Bereavement services are provided at no cost to Inland Valley Hospice Care patient families for months after the death of a loved one. These services may be used regularly, during a crisis or for short-term support. Grief support groups are a good way for us to learn how to move through the grieving process, while still continuing our pursuit of life. If you’ve found difficulty living your life as a result of the death of a loved one, then we encourage you to join and become actively involved our grief support group. Not only will you find help and guidance in your time of need, but you’ll find a group of people who care; a group of people who are also going thru the grieving process, and a group of people who need you, just as much as you need them.

To learn more about Inland Valley Hospice Care services, or to speak to a Bereavement Coordinator, contact Brian Riddle:

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